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Senior First Aid Course

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Learn easy and fast in a friendly and supportive environment. 

We are passionate about empowering people dealing with medical emergencies and we believe that every man woman and child should learn the basic skills to help themselves and others during an accident or a medical emergency.

Sooner or later we are all faced with having to deal with one of these emergencies.  Chances are that you have already had to respond to one. 

We intend to populate this site with free helpful information about how to respond to emergencies and accidents.  The information will be equally useful to both new students and senior first-aiders.  We will also promote excellent and incredibly low priced programs 🙂 

Another undertaking will be to create an environment where people can share their experiences in helping themselves and others.  In our experiences these self-help forums are  extremely beneficial in helping remove anxieties and fears associated with “getting involved”.

Learning Senior FirstAid is becoming easier and faster

It is human nature to overcomplicate all knowledge that is of value.  This obsession with padding training programs with useless information, only benefited the egos (and the wallets) of the “developers’ and greatly affected the uptake of training by the average person. 

In the past learners were bamboozled with technical , medical jargon, volumes of irrelevant information and scared to death about doing something “wrong”. 

Learners would be demoralized and chastised by the “trainers” for putting too many breaths in, or for not timing the CPR like little robots marching to the sound of the metronome. 

Ranks were formed to separate the “Senior Masters Grand Pooh Baas” from the lowly initiates.  These were indeed the dark ages of First Aid.

Today thankfully those responsible for creating the standards have realized that training must be easy to learn, primarily practical and sensibly structured to fulfil the purpose of empowering people help themselves and others during an emergency. After all, the first and only purpose of delivering a course must be to help preserve lives.

So, thankfully the rigorous (and ridiculous) standards of the past no longer apply.  At the end of the course learners walk away with practical knowledge and skills that help them deal with emergencies more efficiently, and of course and attractive certificate that says so.

Our wish list 🙂

  • Senior first aid to be a prerequisite for obtaining and renewing a driver’s licence
  • Basic skills to become part of school curriculum
  • Government sponsored refresher programs for the financially disadvantaged and pensioners.
  • Government funded television promotions demonstrating basic first aid techniques and encouraging viewers to enrol in senior advanced courses.


first aid training

An example of a sponsored promotion by the Croatian Red Cross.



What you DEFINITELY will NOT learn in a professional FirstAid course

Course Providers

  • The Red Cross Australia.  Red Cross conducts classes all around the world.   Visit the official Red Cross website in your country for more information.  For a list of training programs near you visit their website and enter your postcode.
  • St. John Ambulance Australia.


Thank you for visiting our Senior First Aid SitePlease come back for more updates and resources.  

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